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Ismail, Zuhaila and Lim, Yeou Jiann and Shafie, Sharidan and Fitt, Alistair (2017) Aqueous humour dynamics in anterior chamber under influence of cornea indentation. In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 21-23 November 2016, UK.

Nematzadehbalagatabi, Zahra and Ibrahim, Roliana and Selamat, Ali (2017) Class noise detection using classification filtering algorithms. In: International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Information System (CIIS) 2016, 2016, Brunei Darussalam.

Sardana, Pranshul and Mohamed Ali, Mohamed Sultan and Bala Krishnan, Malarvili (2017) Design and fabrication of helical capacitive stents for monitoring arterial blockages. In: IEEE EMBS Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (IECBES), 2016, 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Mohd. Yakub, Mohd. Fitri and Muhamad, Pauziah and Toh, Hoong Thiam and Md. Noor Rudin, Noor Fawazi and Sarip, Shamsul and Mat Ali, Mohamed Sukri and Shaikh Salim, Sheikh Ahmad Zaki (2017) Enhancing vehicle ride comfort through intelligent based control. In: IEEE International Conference on Automatic Control and Intelligent Systems (I2CACIS), 2016, USA.

Mohamed Nazri, Fadzli and Putra Jaya, Ramadhansyah and Abu Bakar, Badorul Hisham and Ahmadi, Raudhah (2017) Fire resistance of ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete due to heating and cooling. In: The 9th International Unimas Stem Engineering Conference (ENCON 2016) “Innovative Solutions for Engineering and Technology Challenges, 2016.

Mohamad Ali, Nur Syuhada' and Ali, M. and Mohd. Yusof, Khairiyah (2017) Fuzzy logic model for degumming and bleaching troubleshooting in palm oil refining. In: 16th International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems, ICCAS 2016, 2016, South Korea.

Sadiq, Fatai Idowu and Selamat, Ali and Ibrahim, Roliana (2017) Improved stampede prediction model on context-awareness framework using machine learning techniques. In: International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Information System (CIIS) 2016, 2016, Brunei Darussalam.

Mohd. Yusof, Nurul Shafiqa and Supriyanto, Eko and Dewi, Dyah Ekashanti Octorina (2017) Investigation of electrochemical characterization of agarose gel for model of human head correlated to lightning currents. In: 2016 International Conference on Robotics, Automation and Sciences (ICORAS), 2016.

See, Yuen Chark and Mohd. Noor, Norliza and Calvin Tan, Y. M. (2017) Investigation of indoor positioning system using visible light communication. In: IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), 2016, 2016, Singapore.

Abdullah Hamami, Nurul Faridah and Mohd. Sabri, Nursalwanie and Haider Rizvi, Syed Zuhaib and Chaudhary, Kashif Tufail and Abd. Aziz, Muhammad Safwan and Ali, Jalil (2017) Laser induced graphite plasma kinetic spectroscopy under different ambient pressures. In: 9th International Conference on Plasma Science and Applications, 28-30 Nov, 2016, Langkawi, Malaysia.

Wan Mohd. Noral Azman, Wan Noor Ezianti and Jaafar, Juhana and Wan Salleh, Wan Norharyati and Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi and Othman, Mohd. Hafiz Dzarfan and A. Rahman, Mukhlis and Aziz, Farhana and Yusof, Norhaniza (2017) The morphology effect on the selectivity of SPEEK/ENR membranes for direct methanol fuel cell. In: 5th International Conference on Material Science and Engineering Technology, ICMSET 2016, 29-31 Oct, 2016, Japan.

Lee, Kee Quen and Tang, Howe Hing and Hooi, Siang Kang and Gang, Ma (2017) Neural-network prediction of riser top tension for vortex induced vibration suppression. In: IEEE International Conference on Underwater System Technology: Theory and Applications (USYS), 2016, Penang, Malaysia.

Gaithuru, Juliet Nyokabi and Salleh, Mazleena and Mohamad, Ismail and Adeyemi, Ikuesan Richard (2017) NTRU binary polynomials parameters selection for reduction of decryption failure. In: ADVANCES IN International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Information System (CIIS) 2016SYSTEMS AND COMPUTING, 2016, Brunei Darussalam.

Lee, Kee Quen and Abu, Aminudin and Muhamad, Pauziah and Sahekhaini, Asnizah and Tan, Lit Ken and Kang, Hooi Siang (2017) Prediction of vortex-induced vibration of bare cylinder and cylinder fitted with helical strakes. In: The 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering (ICMME 2016), 2016, China.

Kang, Hooi Siang and Tang, Howe Hing and Lee, Kee Quen and Steven, Adelina and Yu, Xiaochuan (2017) Prediction on parametric resonance of offshore crane cable for lowering subsea structures. In: IEEE International Conference on Underwater System Technology: Theory and Applications (USYS) 2016, 2016, Penang, Malaysia.

Mohd. Barkhaya, Nurul Maziah and Abd Halim, Noor Dayana (2017) A review of application of 3D hologram in education: a metaanalysis. In: IEEE 8th International Conference on Engineering Education (ICEED), 2016, 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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