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Abas, Hafizah (2012) Development of thermodynamics web based system for enhanced performance in learning. Technical Report. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. (Unpublished)

Abd. Manan, Amerrudin and Sarimah, Shamsudin (2012) Comparing form four malay and chinese students’ spoken english. The English Teacher, 51 (1). pp. 13-26. ISSN 0128-7729

Abdul Manaf, Azizah and Al-Othmani, Abdulaleem Z. and Zeki, Akram M. (2012) A survey on steganography techniques in real time audio signals and evaluation. IJCSI - International Journal of Computer Science, 9 (1). pp. 30-37. ISSN 1694-0814 (Online)

Abdul Rasid, Siti Zaleha and Saeidi, Parvaneh and Sofian, Saudah and Saeid, Sayyedeh Parisa (2012) The role of chief risk officer in adoption and implementation of enterprise risk management - a literature review. International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, n/a (88). pp. 118-123. ISSN 1450-2887

Abdul Samad, Adlina and Moghadam, Soodeh Hamzehlou and Shahraki, Elham Rahmani (2012) Code switching as a medium of instruction in an EFL classroom. Theory and Practice in Language Studies, 2 (11). pp. 2219-2225. ISSN 1799-2591

Abdullah, Shahrum Shah and Mohd. Aras, Mohd. Shahrieel and Shafei, Siti Saudah and M. Z. A., Rashid and A., Jamali (2012) Investigation and evaluation of low cost depth sensor system using pressure sensor for unmanned underwater vehicle. Majlesi Journal Of Electrical Engineering, 6 (2). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2008-1413

Abu, Aminudin and Muhamad, Pauzia and Yahaya, Nazli and Sahekhaini, Asnizah and Abdullah, Hanida (2012) A prediction of acoustics characteristics for steam generator system. Journal the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia, 73 (1). pp. 41-49. ISSN 0538-0057

Abu Mansor, Nur Naha and Tayles, Michael and Pike, Richard (2012) Information usefulness and usage in business decision-making: an activity-based costing (ABC) perspective. International Journal of Management, 29 (1). pp. 19-32. ISSN 0813-0183

Ahmad, Mohd. Hamdan (2012) Investigation of integrated environmental solutions-virtual environment software accuracy for air temperature and relative humidity of the test room simulations. In: UMT 11th International Annual Symposium on Sustainability Science and Management, 2012.

Ahmad, Mohd. Hamdan (2012) Solar chimney- the alternative for 3 naturalventilation in tropical climate. In: 2nd CONVEEESH & 13Th SENVAR International Conference – Architecture Department, 2012.

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Alireza Samavati, (2012) Time deposition dependent surface morphology and photoluminescence of ge nanoislands. Chalcogenide Letters, 9 (5). pp. 223-229. ISSN 1584-8663

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Cameron, Keith Richards (2012) STI sustainable policy development. In: Regional Conference on Higher Education-Community-Industry Engagement: Forging Meaningful Partnerships across ASEAN & Asia, 7-9 May 2012, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Che Yunus, Mohd. Azizi (2012) Rheological properties of varnish and offset printing ink using palm oil. In: BIOJOHOR 2012, 2012.

Chee, Yen Leow (2012) Non-commuting graphs of some finite groups. In: International Science Postgraduate Conference 2012, 27-30 November, 2012, Skudai, Johor Bahru.


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Eko Siswanto, (2012) Empirical ocean-color algorithms to retrive chlorophyll-a, total suspended matter, and colored dissolved organic matter absorption coefficient in the yellow and East China Seas. Journal of Oceanography, 67 (5). pp. 627-650. ISSN 0916-8370

Elmarzugi, Nagib Ali (2012) FTIR spectroscopic study of polyethylene glycol and calf thymus DNA complex in different incubation time. In: 4th International Conference on Biotechnology for the Wellness Industry, 22-24 June 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Elmarzugi, Nagib Ali and Talib, Ali M. Ben and Hamza, Amil M. and Lila, Ahmad E. and Adali, Terin (2012) Conformational changes and spectroscopic study of polyethylene glycol and ctDNA biocomplexes in various environment conditions. In: 4th International Conference on Biotechnology For The Wellness Industry, 2012.

Elmarzugi, Nagib Ali (2012) Evaluation of some granulating techniques for the production of effervescent granules. In: 4th International Conference on Biotechnology for The Wellness Industry, 2012.

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Fakhar K., (2012) Symmetry reductions and some exact solutions for rotating flows of an oldroyd-b fluid with hall currents. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1493 . pp. 345-349. ISSN 0094-243X

Fong, Wan Heng (2012) Bahasa biasa, tatabahasa biasa dan automata dalam sistem. In: UNSPECIFIED, 2012.


Habil, Hadina and Kakepoto, Inayatullah and Mohd. Omar, Noor Abidah (2012) Oral communication skills of engineering students of Pakistan in perspective of industrial internships. International journal of applied linguistics & English Literature, 1 (2). pp. 1-10. ISSN 2200-3592

Habil, Hadina and Kakepoto, Inayatullah and Mohd. Omar, Noor Abidah and Said, Hamdan (2012) New trends in modern industry and oral presentation barriers of engineers of Pakistan. Research on Humanities and Social Sciences, 2 (9). pp. 176-185. ISSN 2222-1719

Habil, Hadina and Kakepoto, Inayatullah and Mohd. Omar, Noor Abidah and Said, Hamdan (2012) Professional presentations: factors that influence oral presentations of engineers in engineering workplace of Pakistan. Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, 3 (13). pp. 128-134. ISSN 2222-1700

Habil, Hadina and Mohd. Omar, Noor Abidah and Boon, Yusuf and Zafar Iqbal, S. M. (2012) The picture of modern workplace environment and oral communication skills of engineering students of Pakistan. International journal of applied linguistics and English literature, 1 (5). pp. 42-48. ISSN 2200-3592

Habil, Hadina and Mohd. Omar, Noor Abidah and Said, Hamdan and Kakepoto, Inayatullah (2012) Conceptions on low motivation of engineers in engineering workplace of Pakistan. European Journal of Business and Management, 4 (18). pp. 148-155. ISSN 2222-1905 (Print); 2222-2839 (Electronic)

Hassan Zardari, Noor Ul and Ian, Cordery (2012) Determining irrigators preferences for water allocation criteria using conjoint analysis. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 4 . pp. 249-255. ISSN 1945-3108

Hidayat, Topik and Pancoro, Adi and Kusumawaty, Diah and Eiadthong, Wichan (2012) Development matK gene as DNA barcode to assess evolutionary relationship of important tropical forest tree genus Mangifera (anacardiaceae) in Indonesia and Thailand. Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering), 59 (SUP. 1). pp. 17-20. ISSN 0127-9696

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Islam, A. K. M. Muzahidul and Jivanadham, Lalitha Bhavani and Mansoor, Nafees and Baharun, Sabaraih and Khanam, Shamsunnahar (2012) A comparative analysis of ICT developments in developing and developed countries. Regional Science Inquiry, 4 (2). pp. 159-182. ISSN 1791-5961

Ismail, Abdul Samad and A. Yayah, Abdulsalam and Al– Shargabi, Mohammed A. (2012) Improving end-to-end delay in optical-burst-switching networks through enhancing burst-assembly and offset-time scheme. International Journal of Computing, Communication and Networking Research, 1 (1). pp. 1-17. ISSN 1839-7212


Jaya, A.S.M. and Hashim, S.Z.M. and Haron, H. and Muhamad, M.R. and Rahman, M.N.A. (2012) Fuzzy rule-based model to estimate surface roughness and wear in hard coatings. Conference Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics . ISSN 1062-922X

Jusoh, Awang (2012) A genetic-CBR approach for cross-document relationship identification. In: 2012 IEEE Power Engineering Conference, 2012.


Kakepoto, Inayatullah and Habil, Hadina and Mohd. Omar, Noor Abidah and Said, Hamdan (2012) Global influences on modern industry and oral presentation barriers of engineering students of Pakistan. Journal of Education and Practice, 3 (13). pp. 8-16. ISSN 2222-1735

Kenoi, Jali (2012) Bekamorfosis. Penerbit UTM, Skudai, Johor Bahru. ISBN 978–967–61–2586–6


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Maarop, Nurazean and Khin, Than Win (2012) Understanding the need of health care providers for teleconsultation and technological attributes in relation to the acceptance of teleconsultation in Malaysia: a mixed methods study. Journal of Medical Systems, 36 (5). pp. 2881-2892. ISSN 0148-5598

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Md. Som, Ayub (2012) A review of mathematical model describing insulin delivery system for diabetes patients. In: 4th International Conference on Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering 2012 (ICCBPE 2012), 2012.

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Mohamad Nordin, Nor Asikin and Adnan, Nadia Farhana and Hamzah, Noraini and Wan Isahak, Wan Nor Roslam and Ayatillah, Alifee and Salimon, Jumat and Yarmo, Mohd. Ambar and Kamaruddin, Rose Aini (2012) Comparison of different heterogeneous catalysts for the estolides synthesis from oleic acid. In: International Conference for Nanomaterials Synthesis and Characterization. Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland, pp. 288-292. ISBN 978-303785301-6

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