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Abang Mahmod, Dayang Salyani and Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi and Mustafa, Azeman and Ng, Be Cheer and Abdullah, Mohd. Sohaimi (2011) Effect of the solvent type on the formation and physical properties of polyacrylonitrile fibers via a solvent-free coagulation bath. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 121 (4). pp. 2467-2472. ISSN 0021-8995

Abd. Aziz, Mustafa Kamal and Foo, Dominic C. Y. and Tan, Raymond R. and Lam, Hon Loong and Kleme, Jirí J. (2011) Synthesis of flexible palm oil-based regional energy supply chain. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 29 . pp. 2014-2018. ISSN 1570-7946

Amirianshoja, Tahmineh (2011) Adsorption of surfactants on clay minerals. Masters thesis, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.


Bhutto, Abdul Waheed and Bazmi, Aqeel Ahmed and Zahedi, Gholamreza (2011) Greener energy: issues and challenges for Pakistan-biomass energy prospective. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 15 (6). pp. 3207-3219. ISSN 1364-0321

Bimakra, Mandana and Abdul Rahmana, Russly and Taipa, Farah Saleena and Ganjloo, Ali and Md. Salleh, Liza and Selamat, Jinap and Hamid, Azizah and Zaidul, I. S. M. (2011) Comparison of different extraction methods for the extraction of major bioactive flavonoid compounds from spearmint (Mentha spicata L.) leaves. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 89 (1). 67 - 72. ISSN 0960-3085


El Syed Nasef, Mohamed Mahmoud and Aly, Amgad Ahmed and Saidi, Hamdani and Ahmad, Arshad (2011) Optimization of reaction parameters of radiation induced grafting of 1-vinylimidazole onto poly(ethylene-co-tetraflouroethene) using response surface method. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 80 (11). pp. 1222-1227. ISSN 0969-806X

El-Hefian, Esam A. and El Sayed Nasef, Mohamed Mahmoud and Yahaya, Abdul Hamid (2011) The preparation and characterization of chitosan/poly (vinyl alcohol) blended films : mechanical, thermal and surface investigations. E-Journal of Chemistry, 8 (1). pp. 91-96. ISSN 0973-4945


Goh, Pei Sean and Ng, Be Cheer and Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi and Mohd. Sanip, Suhaila and Aziz, Madzlan and Kassim, Mohd. Azraai (2011) Effect of dispersed multi-walled carbon nanotubes on mixed matrix membrane for O2/N2 separation. Separation Science And Technology, 46 (8). pp. 1250-1261. ISSN 0149-6395


Hamid, N. A. A. and Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi and Matsuura, T. and Zularisam, A. W. and Lau, W. J. and Yuliwati, E. and Abdullah, M. S. (2011) Morphological and separation performance study of polysulfone/titanium dioxide (PSF/TiO2) ultrafiltration membranes for humic acid removal. Desalination, 273 (1). pp. 85-92. ISSN 0011-9164

Hashemifard, Seyed Abdollatif and Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi and Matsuura, Takeshi (2011) Co-casting technique for fabricating dual-layer flat sheet membranes for gas separation. Journal of Membrane Science, 375 (1-2). pp. 258-267. ISSN 0376-7388

Hashemifard, Seyed Abdollatif and Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi and Matsuura, Takeshi (2011) Effects of montmorillonite nano-clay fillers on PEI mixed matrix membrane for CO(2) removal. Chemical Engineering Journal, 170 (1). pp. 316-325. ISSN 1385-8947

Hassan, Azman and Wahit, Mat Uzir and Imran, Muhammad and Balakrishnan, Harintharavimal (2011) Recent developments in PA6/PP nanocomposites. Key Engineering Materials, 471-47 . pp. 7-19. ISSN 1013-9826


Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi and Aziz, Madzlan and Basri, H. (2011) Polyethersulfone (PES)-silver composite UF membrane: effect of silver loading and PVP molecular weight on membrane morphology and antibacterial activity. Desalination, 273 (1). pp. 72-80. ISSN 0011-9164


Jaafar, Juhana and Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi and Matsuura, Takeshi (2011) Effect of dispersion state of Cloisite15A® on the performance of SPEEK/Cloisite15A nanocomposite membrane for DMFC application. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 124 (2). pp. 969-977. ISSN 0021-8995


Mat Johari, Anwar and Hashim, Haslenda and Mat, Ramli and Mat Jusoh, Mazura Amin and Taib, Mohd. Rozainee (2011) Effects of fluidization number and air factor on the combustion of mixed solid waste in a fluidized bed. Applied Thermal Engineering, 31 (11-12). pp. 1861-1868. ISSN 1359-4311

Mohd. Fauzi, N. A. and Sarmidi, Mohamad Roji and Chua, Lee Suan (2011) Metabolites profiling of heat treated whole palm oil extract. Journal of Applied Sciences, 11 (13). pp. 2376-2381. ISSN 1812-5654


Othman, Mohd. Hafiz Dzarfan and Droushiotis, Nicolas and Wu, Zhentao and Kelsall, Geoff and Li, Kang (2011) Novel fabrication technique of hollow fibre support for micro-tubular solid oxide fuel cells. Journal of Power Sources, 196 (11). pp. 5035-5044. ISSN 0378-7753


Rashidi, Ahmad Ramli and Wahit, Mat Uzir and Abdullah, Mohamed Ruslan (2011) Effect of coupling agent on mechanical and biological properties of polyetheretherketone/hydroxypatite bioactive composite for prosthetic medical device. Key Engineering Materials, 471-47 . pp. 898-903. ISSN 1662-9795


Sulaiman, Zuraidah and Mohamed, Mahadhir (2011) Indoor air quality and sick building syndrome study at two selected libraries in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Environment Asia, 4 (1). pp. 67-74. ISSN 1906-1714


Wan Salleh, Wan Norharyati and Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi (2011) Carbon hollow fiber membranes derived from PEI/PVP for gas separation. Separation and Purification Technology, 80 (3). pp. 541-548. ISSN 1383-5866


Yuliwati, Erna and Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi (2011) Effect of additives concentration on the surface properties and performance of PVDF ultrafiltration membranes for refinery produced wastewater treatment. Desalination, 273 (1). pp. 226-234. ISSN 0011-9164

Yuliwati, Erna and Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi and Lau, Woei Jye and Ng, Be Cheer and Mataram, A. and Kassim, Mohd. Azraai (2011) Effects of process conditions in submerged ultrafiltration for refinery wastewater treatment: optimization of operating process by response surface methodology. Desalination, 287 . pp. 350-361. ISSN 0011-9164

Yuliwati, Erna and Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi and Matsuura, Takeshi and Kassim, Mohd. Azraai and Abdullah, Mohd. Sohaimi (2011) Effect of modified PVDF hollow fiber submerged ultrafiltration membrane for refinery wastewater treatment. Desalination, 283 (1). pp. 214-220. ISSN 0011-9164

Yunos, M. Z. B. and Wan Abdul Rahman, Wan Aizan (2011) Effect of glycerol on performance rice straw/starch based polymer. Journal of Applied Sciences, 11 (13). pp. 2456-2459. ISSN 1812-5654


Zakaria, Zainal and Shahrum, Zulaikha (2011) The possibility of using liquified petroleum gas in domestic refrigeration systems. International Journal of Research and Reviews In Applied Sciences, 9 (3). pp. 347-354. ISSN 2349-4891

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