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Luminescence properties of magnesium sodium borate glasses doped Sm3+, Dy3+ and Eu3+

Tamuri, Abd. Rahman and Abdul Majid, Aryna and Husin, Rosli (2020) Luminescence properties of magnesium sodium borate glasses doped Sm3+, Dy3+ and Eu3+. In: 30th Regional Conference of Solid State Science and Technology, RCSSST 2018, 6 November 2019 - 8 November 2019, Melaka, Malaysia.

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The luminescence properties of magnesium sodium borate glasses doped Dy3+, Eu3+ and Sm3+ were investigated. The glasses samples containing the composition 30MgO-70Na₂B₄O₇.10H₂O-xRE2O3 (where RE = Dy3+, Eu3+, and Sm3+, x = 0.1, 0.5, and 1.0 mol %) were prepared by the conventional melt quenching technique. The optical properties have been analyzed using Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy and Photoluminescence Spectroscopy. The X-ray Diffraction pattern was studied to confirm the amorphous nature of the prepared glass. The absorption spectra yield the most intense absorption bands and transition energy levels for Dy3+, Eu3+, and Sm3+ located at 347 nm (6H15/2 →6P7/2), 393 nm (7F0 →5L6), and 403 nm (6H5/2 →6P5/2) respectively. The emission spectra demonstrate the highest emission intensity centered at 463 nm (4F9/2 →6F11/2 +6H9/2), 612 nm (5D0 →7FJ), and 599 nm (4G5/2 →6H7/2) for Dy3+, Eu3+, and Sm3+ respectively. Dy3+ emits combination of blue, yellow, and red light, Eu3+ emits red light and Sm3+ emits orange to red light. The higher the content of Dy3+, Eu3+, and Sm3+, the higher the spectral or peak intensity for both absorption and emission. The findings could be useful for development of laser, light emitting diode (LED), and color displays applications.

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