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Genome analysis of a thermophilic exopolysaccharide-producing bacterium - geobacillus SP. WSUCF1

Wang, Jia and Goh, Kian Mau and Salem, David R. and Sani, Rajesh K. (2019) Genome analysis of a thermophilic exopolysaccharide-producing bacterium - geobacillus SP. WSUCF1. Scientific Reports, 9 (1). ISSN 2045-2322


Official URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/s41598-018-36983-z


Geobacillus sp. WSUCF1 is a Gram-positive, spore-forming, aerobic and thermophilic bacterium, isolated from a soil sample obtained from a compost facility. Strain WSUCF1 demonstrated EPS producing capability using different sugars as the carbon source. The whole-genome analysis of WSUCF1 was performed to disclose the essential genes correlated with nucleotide sugar precursor biosynthesis, assembly of monosaccharide units, export of the polysaccharide chain, and regulation of EPS production. Both the biosynthesis pathway and export mechanism of EPS were proposed based on functional annotation. Additionally, the genome description of strain WSUCF1 suggests sophisticated systems for its adaptation under thermophilic conditions. The presence of genes associated with CRISPR-Cas system, quorum quenching lactonase, polyketide synthesis and arsenic resistance makes this strain a potential candidate for various applications in biotechnology and biomedicine. The present study indicates that strain WSUCF1 has promise as a thermophilic EPS producer for a broad range of industrial applications. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report on genome analysis of a thermophilic Geobacillus species focusing on its EPS biosynthesis and transportation, which will likely pave the way for both enhanced yield and tailor-made EPS production by thermophilic bacteria.

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