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Qualitative analysis of sharia compliant advertisement signboard in Kelantan state

Husin, E. R. and Salamon, H. and Rosman, A. S. B. and Muhamad, N. H. B. N. and Noor, S. S. B. M. and Hamdan, M. N. B. and Ruskam, A. B. and Kadikon, S. B. and Rosli, M. R. B. and Junoh, H. and Ahmad, R. and Ishak, F. I. and Wan Ismail, W. N. H. (2020) Qualitative analysis of sharia compliant advertisement signboard in Kelantan state. Journal of Critical Reviews, 7 (6). pp. 275-279. ISSN 2394-5125


Official URL: http://www.dx.doi.org/10.37200/IJPR/V24I7/PR270702


Advertisement on signboards often revolves around issues pertaining to aggression sexual distractions and unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore the objective of this study is to analyze the compliance of sharia matter on signboards in Kelantan in accordance to the persuit of the motto which is 'Developing with Islam'. This model may then be used as an exampalary model and maybe adopted to other states in Malaysia which stated that Islam as the formal religion in Malaysia. This qualitative analysis is done through observation and comparing the specifications on women and men who covers their aurat on the signboard advertisement based on al-Quran, hadith, and by elaboration of Muslim scholars. This research is done by 2019 only. Around 30 signboards has been reviewed in Kota Bharu and Pangkalan Chepa district. Kota Bharu was selected because it is urban capital administration area of Kelantan which located also state administration, office of chief minister, and Dewan Undangan Negeri or DUN Kelantan. Pengkalan Chepa has been selected as study location because of the location of domestic airport as the first access tourist to Malaysia. Study found that most of the advertisement signboard in Kelantan are fulfill the sharia compliant. There are two forms of advertisement signboard. The first is advertisement signboard that displays men and women in the form of covering aurat. The second is advertisement signboard that does not display any model. This type of advertisement also sharia compliant and has the human right value by avoiding human manipulation in advertisement. There is also advertisement sharia compliant involves non-Muslim also in two forms. The first form is advertisement involves in non-Muslim woman not wearing a head scarf but in proper attire without sexual attraction. The second form is advertisement involves in non-Muslim by wearing a head scarf with proper attire. Even the model is non-Muslim, it is also sharia compliant advertisement to avoid sexual attraction based on method 'prevention from something bad or sin' as 'Sadd al-Dhara'i'' in Islam. There are some advertisements of beauty product display women covering their veils with the tight wear. It is non-sharia compliant because hijab concept of Muslimah must be covering aurat and not tight. It is suggest that company of beauty product just display the woman body shape in the special catalogue for women only not in the advertisement signboard. As a conclusion, most of the advertisement signboards in Kelantan are sharia compliant. It can be a pioneer for another state in Malaysia application. It is also suggests to another researcher to study advertisement in social media, such youtube ads, facebook, instagram, advertisement in television and many more.

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