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Physical and optical properties of calcium sulfate ultra-phosphate glass-doped Er2O3

Aliyu, Aliyu M. and Hussin, Rosli and Deraman, Karim and Ahmad, Nor Ezzaty and Danmadami, Amina M. and Yamusa, Yamusa Abdullahi (2018) Physical and optical properties of calcium sulfate ultra-phosphate glass-doped Er2O3. International Journal of Modern Physics B, 32 (8). p. 1850084. ISSN 0217-9792

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Official URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1142/S0217979218500844


The influence of erbium on physical and optical properties of calcium sulfate ultra-phosphate glass was investigated using conventional melt quench process. Selected samples of composition 20CaSO4 (80 - x) P2O5- xEr2O3 with 0.1 ≤x ≤ 0.9 mol.% were prepared and assessed. X-ray diffraction (XRD) techniques were used to confirm the amorphous nature of the said samples. The structural units of phosphate-based glass were assessed from Raman spectra as ultra-(Q3), meta-(Q2), pyro-(Q1) and orthophosphate (Q0) units. Depolymerization process of the glasses was testified for higher calcium oxide content and UV-visible for optical measurement. Thermal analysis have been investigated by means of thermogravimetric analysis. The results show the decomposition of materials in the temperature range of 25°C-1000°C. Er3+ absorption spectra were measured in the range of 400-1800nm. PL measurement was carried out in order to obtain the excitation and emission spectra of the samples. The emission spectra excited at 779nm comprises of 518nm, 550nm and 649nm of transition 4F9/2, 4S3/2 and 2H11/2 excited states to 4I15/2 ground state. In physical properties, the density calculated using Archimedes method is inversely proportional to molar volume with increase in Er3+ ions. Optical bandgap (Eg) were determined using Tauc's plots for direct transitions where Eg (direct) decreases with increase in erbium content. The refractive index increases with decreasing molar volume; this may have a tendency for larger optical bandgap. The result obtained from the glass matrix indicates that erbium oxide-doped calcium sulfate ultra-phosphate may give important information for wider development of functional glasses.

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