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Targeted delivery of bromelain using dual mode nanoparticles: synthesis, physicochemical characterization, in vitro and in vivo evaluation

Nasiri, Rozita and Almaki, Javad Hamzehalipour and Idris, Ani and Nasiri, Mahtab and Irfan, Muhammad and Majid, Fadzilah Adibah Abdul and Nodeh, Hamid Rashidi and Hasham, Rosnani (2017) Targeted delivery of bromelain using dual mode nanoparticles: synthesis, physicochemical characterization, in vitro and in vivo evaluation. RSC Advances, 7 (64). pp. 40074-40094. ISSN 2046-2069


Official URL: http://pubs.rsc.org/en/Content/ArticleLanding/2017...


The engineering, characterization, and application of dual-functional delivery vehicle "SPIONs-Br-FA" are reported. In this study, a citrate-coated SPIONs (superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles) drug-delivery vehicle was conjugated with Br (bromelain), a phytotherapeutic anticancer agent, and finally immobilized with FA (folic acid), as a targeting moiety to the FAR+, folate receptor positive, cancer cells. Then, in vitro compatibility tests were performed to confirm the biocompatibility of the engineered system. A cytotoxicity study was carried out, which showed a significant dose advantage with SPIONs-Br-FA in reducing the IC50 values of FAR+ cancer cells compared with neat Br. Through morphological alternation studies, it was disclosed that the SPIONs-Br-FA-treated cells had undergone apoptosis, since shrinkage as well as apoptotic bodies were obviously observed. We demonstrated that SPIONs-Br-FA was a good candidate to suppress the migration of the FAR+ cancer cells as well as to inhibit colony formation of the FAR+ cancer cells compared to SPIONs-Br. We found that the apoptosis percentage was sharply increased in the FAR+ cancer cells treated by SPIONs-Br-FA compared to those treated by neat Br. Moreover, the qualitative and quantitative biodistribution study performed on the vital organs and tumor indicated a significant tumor targetability of the SPIONs-FA. Next, we demonstrated the administration of SPIONs-Br-FA through the tail vein could reduce the tumor burden in 4T1-bearing mice and also increased their lifespan when compared with SPIONs-Br and neat Br at the same concentration of bromelain. In conclusion, the results indicated that the synthesized SPIONs-Br-FA is a promising tool in the field of biomedicine, particularly in cancer therapy.

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