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Characterisation of Arthrobacter sp. S1 that can degrade α and β-haloalkanoic acids isolated from contaminated soil

Bagherbaigi, Saeedeh and Gicana, Ronnie G. and Lamis, Robert J. and Nemati, Mahdieh and Huyop, Fahrul Zaman (2013) Characterisation of Arthrobacter sp. S1 that can degrade α and β-haloalkanoic acids isolated from contaminated soil. Annals of Microbiology, 63 (4). pp. 1363-1369. ISSN 1590-4261

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Official URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s13213-012-0595-4


A bacterium identified as Arthrobacter sp. S1 by 16S rRNA was isolated from contaminated soil. This is the first reported study that Arthrobacter could utilize both α- halocarboxylix acid (αHA) [2,2-dichloropropionic acid (2,2-DCP) and D,L-2-chloropropionic acid (D,L-2-CP)] and β-halocarboxylix acid (βHA) [3-chloropropionic acid (3CP)] as sole source of carbon with cell doubling times of 5±0.2, 7±0.1, and 10±0.1 h, respectively. More than 85 % chloride ion released was detected in the growth medium suggesting the substrates used were utilized. To identify the presence of dehalogenase gene in the microorganism, a molecular tool that included the use of oligonucleotide primers specific to microorganisms that can grow in halogenated compounds was adapted. A partial putative dehalogenase gene was determined by direct sequencing of the PCR-amplified genomic DNA of the bacterium. A comparative analysis of the deduced amino acid sequence data revealed that the amino acid sequence has a low identity of less than 15 % to both group I and group II dehalogenases, suggesting that the current putative dehalogenase amino acid sequence was completely distinct from both α- haloacids and β-haloacids dehalogenases. This investigation is useful in studying the microbial populations in order to monitor the presence of specific dehalogenase genes and to provide a better understanding of the microbial populations that are present in soil or in water systems treating halogenated compounds.

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