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Hydromagnetic rotating flow in a porous medium with slip condition and hall current

Norzieha, M. and Farhad, A. and Sharidan, S. and Khan, I . and Samiulhaq, Samiulhaq (2012) Hydromagnetic rotating flow in a porous medium with slip condition and hall current. International Journal of the Physical Sciences, 7 (10). pp. 1540-1548. ISSN 1992-1950

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The slip effect on hydromagnetic rotating flow of viscous fluid through a porous space is investigated.The fluid is electrically conducting with the consideration of Hall current. The entire system rotatesabout the axis normal to a porousplate of uniform suction or injection with uniform angular velocity.The closed form solution is obtained using Laplace transform technique. The analytical expression forskin friction is evaluated. The graphical results are displayed to see the effects of various embeddedflow parameters such as magnetic parameterM, permeability parameterK, Hall parameterm,rotation parameter, suction or injection parameterS, slip parameterand dimensionless time.Itis found that the magnetic field and slip parameter decrease the velocity magnitude whereaspermeability and Hall parameters increase it. The slipand magnetic field play an important role inretarding the growth of both the primary and secondary flows, whereas Hall parameter enhances theflow.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:slip effect, rotating flow, porous space, laplace transform
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