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Synthesis and characterization of zeolite/mesoporous molecular sieve composite materials

Endud, Salasiah and Rosli, Syamsul Qamar (2006) Synthesis and characterization of zeolite/mesoporous molecular sieve composite materials. In: Prosiding Projek Sarjana Muda Sains Jabatan Kimia, Sesi 2005/2006 "Plant, Health and Man- Past, Present and Future"10th Seminar on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, 2006, n/a.

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It has been recognized that the amorphous nature of the walls of pure silica MCM-48 mesoporous molecular sieve (MMS) resulted in low acid strength and low hydrothermal stability compared to zeolites. This was thus a strong incentive to try to prepare new materials that would combine both the ordered mesopore structure of MCM-48 and the crystalline structure of microporous zeolites. In this work, purely silicious mesoporous silica MCM-48 (Si-MCM-48) with the composition of 5 SiO2 : 1.25 Na2O : 0.85 CTABr : 0.15 Triton X-100 : 400 H2O has been synthesized using sodium silicate as the silica source and CTABr as the template surfactant. The mesoporous molecular sieves were first prepared hydrothermally and followed by addition of zeolite ZSM-5 or zeolite Beta crystals and subsequently re-crystallization of the mesoporous material MCM-48 at an appropriate temperature to form zeolite/MMS composites. Both the parent zeolites and the composite materials were characterized by X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), nitrogen (N2) adsorption measurements, solid state 27Al MAS NMR and Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM).

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