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Collision response between deformable object in computer games

Bade, Abdullah (2004) Collision response between deformable object in computer games. In: International Conference on Computer Graphic and Multimedia , 2004, n/a.

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Many animations in games environment, depict two or more objects interacting and potentially colliding. Collision response is a complex process if the objects are intended to respond like soft bodies and to exhibit the properties of real objects. The work presented in this paper does not strive for the simulation of real object properties. Instead of tries to remove the interpenetration between two objects while providing a set of control for the animator in order to adjust the collision response. A set of data points within the interpenetration region of the two colliding objects is determined by the algorithm. Meanwhile, each object interpolates those data points to remove the interpenetration. The goal for this research is to develop an algorithm that generates a realistic, accurate, stable and provide a fast collision response between deformable objects. So, an algorithm will introduce for solve the problem in collision response between deformable objects. Therefore a technique developed in this research by introducing Penalty Impulse Hybrid Method (PIHM). This PIHM method combines two known approaches. That’s the Impulse Based Method and the Force Based Penalty Method which can be applied for simulation and animation of deformable objects. In this PIHM also, a method that combines the distance between deformable bodies and the penetration depth into a single quantity used for force computation

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