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Mental illness in the globalization era and the roles of teacher as a facilitator

Ahmad, Roslee (2004) Mental illness in the globalization era and the roles of teacher as a facilitator. In: UUM, 2004, ICOSD 2004.

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Mental illness is one of the world’s leading health problems. It makes no distinction between race, color, sex and religion. Mental illness is a type of disability, which affects a person's mental well-being, especially the way in which a person thinks, makes decisions, deals with others, or copes with life situations. The majority of the mentally ill are not a hundred percent mad, nor completely out of touch with reality as often depicted by the raving and violent lunatic. While excited, agitated and aggressive behavior may occur during acute episodes of mental illness, the majority of the mentally ill are often quiet, passive individuals are no more prone to violence than the mentally normal. Some even have sufficient insight to contain their psychotic experience and behave and pass off as normal. (Ineichen, Bernard,1979)Some forms of serious mental illness are incapacitating, sapping the victim of volition and purpose. It is true that many mental patients who have been properly diagnosed and treated can lead fairly normal lives. But like people who suffer from physical illnesses such as high blood pressure, mental patients must continue to take medication to maintain control over their illness. If not, their illness will control them.A great deal of research has already been made into the causes of mental illness, yet more research is needed before satisfactory causes and thus treatments, can be found. To date most findings show that there is no one single source, but a number of contributing factors. This is called multi factorial causation- due to multiple factors. The factors include genetic factors, environmental factors and physical factors. (Singapore association for mental health,1988)

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